What is included in the price?
$985 + $.66/mile is a great value. You get all the gear and provisioning you need, and basic insurance. We want you to be able to arrive and drive to explore all the region has to offer!

What gear comes with the van?
Everything, including the kitchen sink! Vans come with sink, refrigerator (poor), two burner stove and 10 gallons of water and a full tank of propane. Provisioned gear includes kitchen ware, silver ware, pots/pans, frying pans, plates/mugs/glasses, linens or sleeping bags & pillow for 2, peeler, cork screw, kitchen towels, dish soap, folding table, table cloth, Coleman Eze up, containers/storage, 50+ quart cooler, Coleman Road Grill, 2 tanks of grill propane, first aid kit, matches/starter, shovel and axe.

What is in season
In Season – May through October are the best months to travel in Maine, NH and the Northeast. There will be some discounts for the May and June, just ask!

What if the van breaks down on my trip – road assistance?
We will either refund remaining days rental or provide a substitute replacement van. We encourage you to get or have AAA Plus Road Assistance.

We will fix it if possible — we will make arrangement to fix things via phone and/or tow it to the nearest garage for us to walk them though any diagnostics and fixes. We typically would have another option to bring out to meet you with. These are Vanagons, it's not if they will have an issue but when - even though ours road tested. 

How does the electric plugin work?
The van has regular “home” outlets (120v) inside. Campsites have to offer electrical service; so most likely you need to be in a State or National Park or a private KOA-type camping site. Simply connect a power extension cord (heavy duty) and you have power inside the van.

Why do I need insurance?
These are vintage, restored vans and are rarer. They are expensive to repair. If you damage the van or are in an accident, you are responsible for all damage. Our basic insurance only covers ~$16,000. You will have to pay for all other damage above what our insurance provider will pay. We can reach out to your insurance to make sure you are covered above that. This has not been an issue yet.

What cleaning do I need to do upon return?
Basic dusting, floor, kitchen, upholstery and all kitchen ware and dishes, etc. Your going to be on the road, so things will get dirty but we ask that the vans are also treated with respect on their journey's. 

Why 60-90 minutes to check in?
It is complicated. This is a hotel and vintage van and a kitchen. We inventory all gear with you and walk you through how to use all the items. You set up the canopy, the popup, swing tables, portable tables and a couple other camping gear items (stove and grill).

In addition we walk you through all the van/automobile basics including shift pattern, emergency brake location, jack, special placement to jack, spare tire mechanics, oil stick, coolant location and a host of other vehicle related items.

It is a standard as well so we expect to take a 5 minute drive with the dedicated drivers to ensure they indeed can successfully drive a standard shift and clutching.

Does the rental price include roof racks accessories for a canoe or kayak?
No, with additional arrangements and added fees made for the racks, kayaking and canoe outfitting.

Are dogs allowed?
Yes, we love our furry friends however they too must be able to be respectful of the vehicle.

How many people can the van accommodate?
Our policy and insurance have a max of 4. But, with prior notice we can possibly allow an additional child.

Where do I pick up and drop off the vans?
Pick up and drop off is in Portland, Maine. Let us know when your plane arrives and we will pick you up!