Old Blu

1982 Westfalia

This van goes! It has a diesel engine and is a stick, so be ready to be tested on that!

Old Blu likes long drives on the coast and camp ground hopping around Maine.

Let's Go


1991 Westfalia

Our newest van, Blanco, is ready for action! She has her original 2.0 engine and will certainly be a base for many adventures.

Let's Go


We have a number of other vans that are available to us, please let us know if you have a large group and want to tour together. As many as 8 vans at a time - that would be quite the sight!

All vans include:

  • Full pop up camper

  • Sleeps 4, 2 bunks with cushions, storage cabinets, internal swing out table and swivel front seats

  • Full set of privacy window curtains

  • Kitchen – Sink, 2 burner stove, refrigerator

  • Cooking/eating – GSI cook set for 4, French press, silverware/plates/mugs for 4, utensils, Coleman outdoor 2 burner stove w/2 propane tanks, can openers, storage containers, bowl, some spices

  • Bedding – 2 sleeping bags, liners, sheets, pillows

  • Accessories – folding shovel, Snow & Neally Camp Ax, 50 qt. cooler, 2 chairs, 1 table, awning, first aid kit, misc. trash, toilet paper and paper towels and cleaning supplies